Manny Pacquiao vs Shane Mosley


Pound for Pound King and eight World Division title Manny Pacquiao is scheduled to face “Sugar” Shane Mosley. The Pacquiao vs Mosley fight will happen on May 7, 2011 on MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada at the welterweight limit of 147 lbs. While the fight is being categorized as a “walk in the park” by the majority of boxing fans, Pacquiao’s trainer Freddy Roach thinks otherwise. Freddy Roach believes this will be Manny’s toughest fight to date due to Mosley’s handspeed and power. While many boxing fans are not so happy about Pacquiao vs Mosley fight. And the reason is, Shane Mosley (39 years old) is way past his prime and has not produced an exciting boxing match in lately. Mosley’s last two fight’s he has shown all the signs of an aging fighter. Mosley fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. we saw his lack of stamina and the amount of punches he throws. Although he did hurt Mayweather Jr. in the second round he did not have the strength or stamina to finish him off. Then Mosley fight with Sergio Mora which was hard to watch and boring. In the fight there were more people booing than cheering. almost instantly the Filipino icon has become the favorite.

Pacquiao with his speed, his ability, and his power he will just overwhelm Mosley with his hand speed, foot speed and amazing stamina giving Mosley a hard time early on. But it’s like I don’t want to say mismatch because in my own opinion there’s a never a mismatch per se between two fighters. But Pacquiao dominates. There was little interest before and many boxing writers saw it as a huge mismatch for them, despite Arum and trainer Freddie Roach saying how Mosley would make for an exciting fight.

Many boxing fans believe Pacquiao will be the heavy favorite. He has won his last 13 fights, most of them against taller, bigger, heavier and stronger opponents. His 12-round destruction of Antonio Margarito gave him his eighth world title in as many divisions. Manny Pacquiao’s key to victory in this fight will be to utilize his footwork and avoid the ropes as much as possible. Sugar Shane will need to force Pacquiao to fight Mosley’s fight early as Mosley has shown stamina problems in the later rounds in the past.

Shane Mosley is going to throw a more punches from all different angles. Mosley will also need to be effective with the jab and attack the body of Pacquiao. He’s much bigger than Manny is, he has a great jaw. We saw Sugar Shane Mosley catch Floyd early on with some hard shots and he almost knock down Floyd. The only thing I worried about is his stamina. That is because of his age his already 39 years old and I think he can only last around up to four or five rounds.

The Pacquiao vs Mosley is expected to be very entertaining the in the early rounds of the fight. Mosley always has the reputation to be exciting in the early to middle rounds of his fights in recent years. In the Pacquiao vs Mosley fight let’s see if Pacquiao continues to dominate with his speed and power. He is the favorite of casual boxing fans and his fan base will be there to cheer for him to give him the extra boost. Shane Mosley, the underdog, will also be all out and will surely train like never before.

Mosley will stand toe-to-toe and exchange heat but Pacquiao will burn him with darting movement and blinding combinations. This will be power versus power. Let’s see if the predictions that Pacquiao will win via KO is correct. So don’t miss to Watch Pacquiao vs Mosley live on Showtime PPV on May 7, 2011. The Pacquiao vs Mosley live streaming is available via Showtime pay-per-view for only $54.95.


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