KVM Over Ethernet


Epiphan KVM2Ethernet™ allows you to remotely access any computerized machine with a VGA output and keyboard/mouse inputs, whether it is in the room next door or on another part of your network. KVM2Ethernet also allows for an easy way to extend the range of a monitor, keyboard, and mouse using an existing LAN infrastructure.

Eliminate distance limitations by installing a KVM2Ethernet connected to every unit of equipment that needs to be administered remotely. As long as the KVM2Ethernet has access to the LAN, the equipment to which it is connected to may be remotely managed. The source equipment does not need to be modified in any way.

Key Features
  •  Stand-alone hardware KVM over IP solution (LAN) or high speed WAN
  • Remotely connect to computers, servers, embedded systems, proprietary OSes, and headless machines
  • Used often in network forensics, red-lans, isolating contaminated systems


Like the KVM2USB device, KVM2Ethernet can replace bulky “crash cart” setups used by system administrators with a small device the size of a paperback book. Using the KVM2Ethernet, users can administer virtually any computerized machine or embedded system, including:

  • Windows, Macintosh, Unix computers and servers
  • Medical devices, scientific and lab equipment
  • ATM machines
  • Embedded systems, proprietary OSes
  • Slot machines and VLTs
This product ships with all required hardware and cabling. Software development kits are also available for specialized applications.


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