Kama Sutra Trojan Virus: A Digital Version Of STD


As always, sex online is the most coveted secret activity of people all over the world. For that, Malware makers take its advantage in campaigning a new malevolent program via Kama Sutra Trojan Virus.

As reported by Security firm Sophos, this new Malware is bringing its harm to all users in the guise of PowerPoint Presentation showing 13 explicit Kama Sutra sexual positions. It brings different names such as “The Frog,” “Wheelbarrow” and “Lyons Stagecoach".

It comes as a file called Real kamasutra.pps.exe. At first, you are getting the arousal effect as it provide you the ultimate show that everybody desires but unknowingly, a backdoor Tojan called "Troj/Bckdr-RFM" is installed which allows hackers to gain remote access to your computer. Once they got that privilege, they can now access all data, steal identity and even monitor your activities and for the worst part, they can launch a mass denial-of-service attacks.

Remember, it is not always safe to open malicious files eventhough its filename gives you pleasure.


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