High Paying Keywords

Many online publishers make their money from Google Adsense ads. For us, targeting high paying keywords, can mean the difference between: clicks that make dollars and clicks that makes cents.

In this article, I will show you:

  1. How to find thousands of high paying keywords
  2. Exactly how much they are worth
  3. How much search engine traffic they get

Where to find a high paying niche

Before you can pick high paying adsense keywords you need to find a good niche.

Ezine Articles is my favorite place to look for high paying google keywords, when I run dry on ideas. It is an article directory which means that people are writing articles to get backlinks to their content. These people aren't doing it for fun, the keywords they are targeting are high value ones.

If you open the home page you will see the following:

These are all high earning niche categories. The first 7 running from Business to Real Estate, are the highest value ones.

So, I open one of the top ones, Finance. Then I look down the list and I decide, I am interested in the niche: loans. You can open loans and look at some of the articles that have been written. Pay special attention to the keywords they are targeting and which ones are doing the best.

We are going to look more closely at this niche, but first one more place where you can find a good list of high paying keywords.


This doesn't have to be ClickBank, you could look at any big online affiliate. The idea is that these affiliates are selling products and paying commissions for references. You want to find out what sells the best and then write an article, using relevant keywords. A lot of online marketers buy Adsense ads, then they convert these ads into affiliate sales. So if you pick a winner, there is sure to be high value ads available for your content.

Finding niche keywords with Adsense's tool

Google has created the most powerful keyword research tool. But it wasn't created for publishers like us. It was created for advertisers.

Adsense Keyword Tool

Open the tool, feed the word "loans" into it and run a search.

Then you will see something, like this. I want you to find the drop down list I circled in red. Select Show estimated Avg. CPC, this ads the Estimated Avg. CPC which I marked with a green arrow.

The CPC is how much advertisers pay Google for clicks. Google pays around 40-50% of that to publishers. So loan clicks pay around $5. If you look down the column some of the loan related keywords pay more.

Next to the CPC column you have the Advertiser Competition column. The more green you have in the bar, the higher the competition.

In the next column you have the search volume in the previous month and after that the average monthly search volume. By default this is set to broad, that is the number of searches, that have those keywords in them. Look at the drop down box which I have circled in magenta. You can change the settings there from Broad to Exact. Then you are looking at the searches which used those exact keywords.

Now a warning

Unfortunately, we aren't the only ones that have spotted just how valuable visitors to this content is. Which means that there is masive competition for these super valuable keywords. If you can't get your web page to the first page on Google's search results, there is very little chance of making much money from it.

Lets look at the Google search to get an idea of the competition.

I have a plugin installed in Firefox, which shows the PR of web pages returned by Google search. I have circled the top 3 results with red circles. They are 8, 6 and 4. Also I have circled the number of results that Google returned, which is 16,500,000. It would be very hard to get to the top of the search results, for this keyword.

So what now?

Well the game is to find well paying keywords, with reasonable amounts of traffic and not too much competition. I tend to target ones that pay around $1 per click and has more than 1,000 Exact searches, every month.

From jGaunt of HubPages


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