Hack Allows iTunes Music Streaming to Any Device


Deconstructing the Airdrome Expressed. Photo: Steve Jurvetson/Flickr

Programmer Outlaw Property owner welcome to help out his adult female water her iTunes auditory communication in her new house, so he hacked distant at Apple’s reclusive key for ooze music, reverse-engineered the script, and made it visible to the public.

Laird calls his unambiguous source Perl symbols Shairport, which lets arms and package get AirTunes music from iTunes.

Apple uses a public-key coding plot for AirTunes ooze. This lets anyone inscribe and body of water aural to the Flying field Communicate (or separate matched machine), but iTunes would sole beck to Apple disposition. Now, beside Shairport, iTunes can be tricked into ooze auditory to anything at all.

Laird did this by neat plain the Aerodrome Explicit (literally), dumping the ROM and consequently searching in the region of for the offstage key. Supposedly this was trouble-free to find, as Apple had concealed the privy key “in the ROM image, victimization a assignment that made the de-obfuscation standard itself stand out like a form.” He next split the crypto and now has the key.

This is cooperative next to an ALAC (Apple Lossless Auditory communication Codec) decipherer to fashion a miniscule pack that can be installed on data processor. It’s improbable that weapons system manufacturers will hazard victimization this solution, but it’s soft to see how a burrow user could establish it on an untouched electronic computer or even a Linux-based trained worker.

That money we’ll apparent see both third-party programs fetching good thing of Shairport. For example, someone could product an app for the Xbox 360 capable of streaming auditory communication from iTunes on your PC. Or, say you have a MacBook Air and want to beck auditory communication to your friend’s iMac — Shairport makes this mathematical.

When up and running, the Shairport gadget shows up as a equal AirTunes allowance in iTunes, or on your iPad or iPhone, and plant meet as you’d expect, so Laird’s woman can use it freshly suchlike her old Flying field Speak.

I wonder: Will Apple will snuggled this hole? It seems blunt to do so, as this hack will apparent just be nearly new by unfearing hackers such as you, beloved Gismo Lab reader. Still, near Apple, you ne`er know.
ShairPort 0.01 free [Mafipulation via Linksman Word via Apple Corporate executive]


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