First WiMAX router by D-link


The D-link Corporation has launched its first WiMAX router and with it, the company has announced its entry in to the WiMAX consumer premise equipment market. The new router combines both WiMAX and Wi-Fi technologies and is designed for the residential costumers.

D-Link says that its new router supports wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN) and multiple physical layer (PHL) protocols. It also supports adaptive modulation (64QAM, 16 QAM,QPSK) with up to 5b/s/Hz spectral security and channel width up to 20 MHz.

Its efficient MAC secures data unit (SDU) fragmentation / packing maximizes band width.

It’s a bold, new … wireless … world for D-Link, which today announced its entry into the WiMAX consumer premise equipment (CPE) market with the introduction of an 802.16-2005-compliant WiMAX router.

The new router, which combines both WiMAX and WiFi (News - Alert) technologies, is designed for service providers looking to offer wireless residential services at rates competitive with wire-line technologies. WiMAX is an alternative for delivering high speed broadband to consumers who live in areas where it is too difficult - and too costly - to roll out DSL or cable. The router is easy to install, provides coverage for an entire home, and can be managed from a service provider’s central office.

“As a trusted supplier of business-class networking infrastructure products for broadband service providers around the world, D-Link is once again delivering another value-based, quality product that is from our core strength in wireless connectivity,” said Steven Joe, CEO of D-Link North America, in a press release. “We know the ‘last mile’ in reaching potential broadband customers can be the most expensive to complete. With this new WiMAX router we enable service providers to bridge the distance with secure, wire-line performance at a fraction of the cost.”

D-Link claims the new router supports wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN) and multiple physical layer (PHY) protocols. It also sports adaptive modulation (64QAM, 16QAM, QPSK) with up to 5 b/s/Hz spectral efficiency, and 1K fast Fourier transform (FFT) and channel bandwidth up to 20 MHz. Security implementation is based on AES-CCM (advanced encryption standard). Efficient MAC secure data unit (SDU) fragmentation/packing maximizes bandwidth utilization.

D-Link’s new WiMAX router will be available for testing later this fall and will commercially available.

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