Eight Best Crab Dishes in Kuala Lumpur

As the high demand, most mud crabs available here in Kuala Lumpur are either imported from Bangladesh or from our neighbouring country Indonesia while Sri Lanka crabs seem scarce.

The prices of the mud crabs are based on their size, the big the size the higher the price per kg, usually small size starts from RM28/kg while medium size starts from RM40/kg and large size starts from RM70/kg. Mud crabs are be very versatile and can be steamed, grilled and deep fried over a variety of sauces such as sweet and sour, black pepper, curry powder, salted egg yolk, black bean and many more to name but it is a must to have them fresh as the meat will always be firm and sweet juicy.

Marmite Crab at Mei Chixuan Restaurant

Grilled Crab at La La Chong
Butter Crab at King Crab
Nyonya Crab at Devil’s Crab
Stir Fry Crab with Vermicelli Noodles at Fry Porridge Restaurant

Cheese Crab Recipe

Claypot Crab with Korean Glass Noodle


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