Bing Launches A Killer iPad App


Not an “iPad killer” . . . a killer app for the iPad. Bing’s iPhone app was impressive, but with its new iPad app Microsoft has created an even more impressive app for a rival platform.

It’s a great and very useful tool for the tablet. And yes, it’s a lot more fun and interesting to use than Google’s equivalent mobile search app for the iPad.

Users can search, including with voice, but that’s perhaps the least of it. There’s also a wealth of aggregated content including news, weather, shopping, maps, travel information, movies, video, images, new “trends” and financial information accessible from within the app.

It feels very complete. But Bing for the iPad also moves seamlessly between the in-app content and the full web.

The user experience is highly intuitive and allows access to a ton of information by simply browsing with your fingers. You could use it very successfully and get a great deal of information without entering a query in the search box.

One of the nice UX features is what Microsoft is calling its “swipe interface.” There’s no back button that requires reloading; you simply swipe right and the previous pages or content become available.

Here are a few more screens reflecting some of the content and features:


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