Billion BiPAC 7700N Wireless N router


The Billion BiPAC 7700N provides good wireless coverage with its built-in 802.11n Access Point plus the ability to automatically adopt an optimal connection to deliver smooth, constant signal reception - even where obstacles are present. Wireless N coverage supports data rates as fast as 300 Mbps and delivers as much as three times the wireless coverage of 802.11b/g.

If the network requires wider coverage, the router has a built-in wireless distribution system (WDS) repeater function to expand the wireless network without needing external wires or cables. The device also has an integrated four-port 10/100 Mbps ethernet switch.

The router’s firewall security protects internet access against hacker attacks. Support for quality of service (QoS) and VLAN enables intelligent streaming for high-definition video or multiple concurrent applications such as video streaming and file sharing.

QoS provides full control of data traffic, enabling the router to prioritise important data like VoIP calls or internet protocol television (IPTV)/streaming content, especially when there’s heavy internet traffic. VLAN support establishes reliable high-speed transmissions for wide-bandwidth applications such as IPTV or video on demand without consuming bandwidth.


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