BayanTel VoIP


Bayan VoIP is a postpaid telephone service that allows a customer to make and receive calls over any broadband internet connection. It supports real-time two-way conversations to a fixed landline or mobile service in the Philippines and abroad.

Bayan VoIP provides substantial cost savings against traditional landline service. Key benefits of Bayan VoIP are:

  • Cost-effective Monthly Service Fee (MSF) of as low as 195 pesos a month
  • Lowest IDD rate in the market
  • Free and unlimited NDD to Bayan Phones and Bayan Wireless Nationwide
  • Free Consumable IDD Minutes for 799 Package
  • Premium call features such as Caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling and call forwarding at no extra cost
Service Installation Requirements
  • Filled-up application form attached with photocopies of 2 Identification Cards, Broadband internet SOA, Proof of Billing and/or Business Permit
  • Broadband Internet connection (recommended speed of 256 kbps and above to be able to do simultaneous internet activity and VoIP call)
  • Active Broadband Circuit with Public IP
  • Analog telephone set (may opt to purchase from Bayan)
  • Pre-payment of Service Activation Fee for residential application
Service Level Commitment
  • Bayan installs VoIP router or ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) and activates local service within 48 hours from date of application
  • International and/or Domestic Direct Distance access activation within 24 hours upon activation of local service
  • Repair and fault management within 24 hours
IDD & NDD Dialing Procedure
International Direct Distance Calling
Press 00 + Country Code + Area Code + Telephone Number

Domestic Direct Distance Calling
Press 0 + Area Code + Telephone Number

Phone Features

Call Waiting
Puts your current conversation on hold so you can answer another incoming call. Useful when expecting important calls.
- To answer call waiting : press FLASH
- To return to original call : press FLASH
- To cancel call waiting : before placing a call, press FLASH, wait for special dial tone, then press *31

Call Forwarding
Sends your call to another line to keep you within reach any time.
- To program : press *76 + tel. no.
- To deactivate : press # 76

3-way Calling
Enables you to talk to two people at the same time.
- To connect to 3rd party : press FLASH, wait for special dial tone, then enter Tel. No.
- To establish 3 way-calling : press FLASH

Speed Dialing
Dial frequently called numbers just by pressing an abbreviated code instead of the complete number.
- To program : press *74 + 1-digit abbreviated no. (can be any number from 2-9) + tel. no., wait for special dial tone before hang-up
- To use : press abbreviated no. + #

Caller ID
Allow you to know who is calling on the other line so you have option to pick up the phone or not.

Security PIN for Long Distance Services
Bars other users from using long distance services.
- To activate per call : press *88+2+ 4-digit PIN
- To deactivate per call: press *89+2+ 4-digit PIN
Please call our Customer Service to change your default PIN.


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