Bayantel Wireless Landline

Maybe it’s a bit weird to classify a wireless landline as a gadget. Perhaps you’re thinking of the coolest gadgets, like the ipod or iphone. But a wireless landline is a gadget and as long as it serves a utilitarian purpose, it’s a gadget that needs to be mentioned here. That’s just my opinion, though.

Anyway, maybe you’ve noticed someone hanging from billboards carrying a phone unit. That’s the ad of Bayantel Wireless Landline service. In places where even PLDT failed to provide a decent service, the Bayantel Wireless is the only option that we have (I just learned that Bayantel Wireless is no longer the only option, as PLDT launched its Wireless landline). Since Bayantel Wireless is, well, wireless, you could bring it anywhere and call anywhere where the service is available.

Just a caveat, though. The brochure proudly speaks of the “high-speed internet of up to 128 kbps”, but I wish I have encountered close to that figure. So far, the fastest speed I got is 17 kbps, and that’s around before sunrise. The lowest speed I encountered? Under 400 bps. That’s bytes per second — without the “K” or the “M”. In one word, that’s “ssssssllllllloooooooowwwwwwwwwwww”. At P0.35 per minute, the price is quite steep considering that it’s too slow. Just think about it, you’re paying more because the service is slow.

Still, considering that I got Bayantel Wireless primarily to service my landline needs, I don’t really mind. Better yet, I heard that the DSL service for Bayantel Wireless is in the works, so that would be something to look forward to. Also, I must say I’m impressed with the service — so far. Our wireless unit conked out so I had it brought to the nearest Bayantel service center. They replaced the entire unit, no questions asked and at no cost. And the internet speed is now getting faster.

bayanWIRELESS landline is a power packed wireless landline telephone service which can be carried anytime, anywhere (in a defined local zone) Priced at a fixed monthly charge with unlimited local calls and texting, built-in call features and best priced long distance rates.


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