Xiahai Chenghuang Temple


What attracts tourists the most at Xiahai Chenghuang Temple is the Matchmaker God. Each year there are thousands of couples who are successfully matched here. The most popular item at the Temple is the Matchmaker Husband Training Shoes (Happy Shoes). Visitors can come here and worship for opportunities to meet the one and for good luck.
They can also come here to taste different traditional foods, including Swordfish Rice Noodles at Yunle Market, Yunle Spanish Mackerel Thick Soup, Jinsien Fish Balls, Linhefa Glutinous Oil Rice, Sishen Soup at Temple Plaza, Yen Family Squid Stew, Green Grass Tea at Nourishing Herbal Store, Rib Soup at Cisheng Temple Plaza, Squid Label stand, and others. Visitors can also purchase all kinds of dried food products, herbs and snacks at Dihua Street to complete the trip.


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