WRT54GL Firmware Reviews

About Linksys WRT54G Series

With a router from this series, you can share a broadband internet connection using both wired and wireless links. WRT54GL is a great little device with low power consumption, a powerful 200 MHz processor (you can overclock it, too) and 16 MB memory.

WRT54G can run Linux and is the first cheap home router in history which firmware source code was released to the public. As a result, several third party firmware projects were started, which improve router's functionality greatly and brings it closer to capabilities of expensive commercial networking equipment. I have personally tested several of these firmwares on my WRT54GL router, and you can find their short reviews below.

Be warned though that I'm relatively a newbie to home networking and the tasks I want my network device to do are mostly limited to "making my games not lag" and "making my skype voice chats smooth", and I make my choices for best router software based on these requirements.


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