Unifi ? Hackers love it in Malaysia

Telekom Malaysia Bhd’s high-speed broadband service UniFi (HSBB) use this D-Link DIR-615 wireless router for UNIFI customers. There is a second administration account in this routers. The routers have the option for remote management enabled and customers were not informed and therefore unable to reset the password. Why? For maintenance purposes. To allows Telekom Malaysia staff to troubleshoot UniFi problems remotely. Meaning, they no longer have to send a technician to your house within 3 working days. They can immediately access your router (or you think it is better to be called the modem) from their computer by “legal hacking”. Yes, the Telekom Malaysia technicians can remote access your modem (router) just with a few mouse click and a few typings on their keyboard.

TM named the “administrator” account on the DIR-615 as “admin”. This “administrator” account has the same user/pass across every Unifi router that has been given to the Unifi customers and the customers cannot change it or even see it with the default ‘admin’ account.

What do you think if one of those Unifi guy/gal tell their family or friends about the default login ID and password? Or….to proof that they are very good, they show their friends how to do it…..then, YOU (Unifi customers) are in danger.


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