Thermalright Venomous-X RT CPU Heatsink w/ Pressure Vault Bracket System

Thermalright Venomous-X RT CPU Heatsink w/ Pressure Vault Bracket System

Since the release of the Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme in 2007, more than 30 of the best hardware review sites have awarded the U120E "The Best CPU Heatsink". During the U120E's reign, we have continued to research the latest in thermal technologies to bring you the best products and the highest quality control. Furthermore, we greatly appreciate the feedback and support we have received from our customers. Through their efforts we have refined our existing products through revisions to best meet their needs while improving thermal performance.

When designing a successor to the U120E, we centered our focus on three characteristics: installation, thermal performance, and outlook. Eighteen months later, what we came up with was the Venomous-X. Sporting the best adjustable retention system or "installing mechanism", to date while breaking thermal performance barriers and retaining some Thermalright style, we know you won't be disappointed!

The Venomous-X RT is compatible with sockets 775, 1156, 1366, AM2 ,AM2+, and AM3. Thus the Venomous-X will conquer the heat produced by any Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and latest AMD as well. However, the Venomous-X was designed with the future in mind. Six core processors have already been accounted for. This is possible because, our installation hardware allows the end-user to adjust pressure via the "Pressure Vault Bracket". Adjustments can be made from 40-70 lbs of pressure to fit any CPU IHS for the best possible CPU contact. The Venomous-X inherited our 6mm sintered heat pipe design, with soldered contact points with the fins and heatsink base to ensure effective heat transfer to our fin array. Thermalright engineers also increased the fin gap distance by 20% to 1.9mm. This modified fin array incorporating our bent winglet design, allows air to rapidly pass through the heatsink with minimal resistance. Consequently, low or high RPM fans will exhibit excellent performance.

Secondly Thermalright customers have been requesting a mirrored copper base. Done! We have also Nickel coated it to ensure long term usage, preventing oxidation. The base of the Venomous-X is also slightly convex. This design has been proven to increase performance of the heatsink by drawing away heat from the center of the CPU at an accelerated rate. Manufacturing such a base is a complex task, thus we ensure every Thermalright Venomous-X CPU heatsink is produced with the highest of quality standards. Our manufacturing efforts maintain build quality. Every heatsink from the base, heat pipes, fin array, fan and all of the soldering points in between will mirror our original design.

In our lab, we test products under the most brutal conditions. High voltage just over ambient is our goal and we are sure you will agree that the Venomous-X is the best performing CPU Cooler we have produced to date!


  • All new patented multiple support pressure vault bracket system, allow users adding pressure to the bracket system (40-70 lbs), and have a more efficient and secure mounting.
  • Mirrored copper base increasingly upgrade the quality and performance of the heatsink.
  • Special bent winglet design, allows hot air to pass the heatsink more rapidly
  • Heatsinks are nickel plated to ensure the best quality and performance and could last for years
  • Soldered heatpipes, copper base and fins to ensure the best thermal conducting efficiency.
  • Six sintered heatpipe design, all heatpipes are nickel plated to slow the oxidation deterioration to the heatpipe, to ensure longer usage and performance of the heatsink for the CPU.
  • Including 2 sets of 120mm fan clips and Chill Factor II thermal paste
  • Convex copper base design, to ensure the highest thermal conducting efficiency between the CPU and the heatsink.

How does the pressure adjustable system work?

  • After the installation of the pressure adjustable bracket system is complete, the pressure of the mounting plate without turning the knob is at 40 lbs. to the heatsink, same pressure when using an old Ultra-120 series Bolt-Thru kit.
  • When you slowly turn the pressure adjustable knob, pressure of the mounting plate increases, when the pressure adjustable knob is at a complete stop, it gives extra holding down pressure of 30 lbs to the heatsink (Total of 70 lbs.), not all users would require such pressure, and you may add pressure to the heatsink according to your need.


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