RAID storage in a box

Here’s a value for money alternative from renowned network products manufacturer, DLink and its DNS-323 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure.

The DNS-323 is tiny box, 101.6mm x 198.1mm x 127mm, designed to house 2 units of standard 3.5″ SATA hard drives. The DNS-323 is configurable to support a single drive in straightforward operation mode, RAID 0 or RAID 1 when 2 drives are in use. RAID 0 is for combining capacity of the 2 drives together giving you total drive A plus drive B storage space. Whereas RAID 1 is backup mode, where drive A is mirrored by drive B.

Generally the DLink DNS-323 performs most essential functions of a Windows Home Server, enabling you to share documents, files, digital media, music, photos and videos within your network. Based on Linux OS platform, the DNS-323 has a built-in FTP function, making it possible for you to remotely access, store or retrieve files across world.

The DNS-323 can also double up as a Linux print server and with its built-in USB port, you can attach almost any USB printer to it and share it across your network.

The most attractive feature of this box is it includes a BitTorrent client software, allowing you to download torrent files from the Internet on its own, without the need for you turn on a PC for long hours for the same purpose. And it also has a built-in UPnP Audio Visual Server that can stream video or music media to most box media players that supports UPnP streaming.

Starting up and getting the DNS-323 going is a breeze. Its web-based management interface allows you to access configuration settings easily as though you are browsing an interactive website and this can be done by pointing your browse to the box’s private static IP address, from any computer already running from within your home network.

The DLink DNS-323 sells for US$199.00 (RM656.00) without hard drives, though some retail shops in popular technology shopping centers like Low Yat Plaza in Kuala Lumpur, is reported to be retailing them for as low as RM480.00 each. There’s also a 4-bay version known as DLink DNS-343 at a higher price tag and with capabilities to support more hard drives and higher end RAID configurations.


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