Pocket spy camera detector lets you hunt down spy cameras


We’ve seen quite a number spy gadgets before, and of course, to some of you, you’ll start getting paranoid, wondering any gift that you’ve recently received is anyone of those that makes your privacy in danger. Since there is such a demand for those spy gadgets, there is also demand for those gadgets that can produce counter effect, i.e a device that allows you to detect any spy gadgets in your living room, bath room etc.

Here is a pocket-sized camera detector, which you can carry around anywhere, have it to help you detect any hidden wireless camera. For frequent travelers, this is the best, if you simply feel uneasy with the hotel room that you stay in. At least having it, you’ll now feel much safer, no matter you’re traveling, staying at a friend’s house or staying at home, just have it to hunt down any possible spy cameras. It’s pretty easy to use, just point it to towards walls, ceilings, even those Pringle tins and radio alarm clock. And its alarm will sound when a frequency of 50MHz to 3GHz is detected.


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