PCLinuxOS 2010.12 Gnome - Rushed out too early


As I've written on a few occasions in the past, PCLinuxOS is probably the best small distro around. It shows what can be done by a small development team, with limited resources. Not a simple deal, especially when you go against big companies with lots of money. Still, it never quite managed to break through into the big league. There was always a bit of homebrew that would not make it reach the critical mass of users.

Over the years, PCLinuxOS showed a steady improvement, including hardware, the look and feel, the choice of programs, and more. Gnome always took a backbench compared to the mainstream KDE version, but it was a stellar work of art in the 2009 release. Well, it's time to see what the Gnome edition offers, once more, almost two years later. Tested and deployed on a 32-bit T60p machine with 2GB RAM and an ATI card.

Live session

There's only one question asked before you reach the desktop. You just need to setup your keyboard. And then, you enter a dark-themed session, which has subtly hinted KDE motifs, with a more square kind of look.

I found the blue rectangle reminding of the root and guest passwords a bit distracting. A simpler solution would be to place a text file on a desktop.


The network setup is a weird blend of Mandriva-like legacy and modern management, although I'd have preferred a simple point-and-click approach like the one used in stock Gnome sessions.

Look and feel

I have to admit I like the new theme. While the panels are a bit dark and a softer shade of blue would have worked, the windows decorations and the fonts are suave. The blend of dark red and black creates a smooth atmosphere that softens the somewhat rough and straight-edged first impression.

Reposted; Credits to  Dedoimedo


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