Organic body care

Organic body care products such as organic body scrub, organic body lotion, organic shower gel and organic body wash are just some of the products that are widely available today. Organic Body care is another important routine that we must consider in order to keep our skin healthy. A product we use on our face may not necessarily be suitable for use on the rest of our bodies because the properties within our skin varies from area to area.

Many popular body care brand products contain harmful ingredients such as alcohol, petroleum and silicone, which are not only toxic, they may also be slowly damaging your health and well being.

While these body care products may temporarily soothe and moisturise our skin, they may be causing more harm than good. Toxins and synthetic ingredients are absorbed into your blood stream through the pours in your skin, so anything we rub onto our skin ends up inside our bodies!

There are an increasing number of organic body care products for babies.

Within this section you will find retailers and suppliers of organic body care products which will not contain any of these nasty ingredients which can harm our bodies.

If you have a range of natural and organic body care products or know of anything we should include then please get in touch.


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