Object Oriented Programming in VB.NET

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Object-Oriented Programming in Visual Basic .NET Alistair McMonnies Approved by author 8th September 2003 Visual Basic .Net (VB .NET) has been a radical departure from previous versions of Visual Basic. The language is now fully object-oriented, and can be used either to write programs, or to create components that fit within the .NET architecture. If you are learning to program, VB .NET will give you a previously unheard-of mix of power, flexibility and ease of use.

The book approaches the language from an object-oriented (OO) perspective, demonstrating that Visual Basic can now be used to develop real industrial-strength OO systems and software components. It starts by covering OO analysis, design and modelling using UML, and then moves on to a full discussion of OO concepts. Advanced topics such as data structures, database applications and software design patterns are also covered. Throughout, students are shown how to develop short programs in order to illustrate the fundamentals of algorithm design and structured programming. Features bull; bull;Object-oriented programming is placed fully in the context of the software development life cycle bull; bull;Includes a chapter on database development, covering database design principles, data access techniques and presenting data to the user-interface bull; bull;The book is accompanied by a website at www.booksites.net/mcmonnies containing code for all programs in the book, additional program examples and information on using VB to program database applications. Instructor’s materials include slides, tutorial sheets, lab sheets and assessment materials, all with solutions. Alistair McMonnies is currently a lecturer in the Computing and Information Systems department at the University of Paisley. He teaches software development using Visual Basic and C++ and is a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Author : Alistair McMonnies
Edition : First Edition
Type : PDF
Page : 691
Size : 25.11 MB (Compressed)


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