TP LINK TL-WR740N Cheap but can easily kick it's rivals' asses


I bought this router just a week ago to replace my old TP-LINK TL-WR340g, and i have experience no set backs so far. I've been loyal to TP-LINK because of their reliability and also their performance (my router lasted 3 years and its still working now, i think i have only turned it off less than 10 time) and also the price this is the best you can buy with little money.

I bought this router because i had trouble in gaming using our network. My cousin and I, likes to play co-op FPS games and my old router was giving us spikes while we were playing, so i decided to buy a new and faster one. I hate cables because their messy, i don't like using several 50 FT lan cables just to play my games without spikes, so i need a router that has WIFI and also give me no spikes or lag during network gaming and luckily this router works for me and it only costs 1.5 k

This router uses the new and approved N technology not anymore the G technology that everybody uses. The N technology is a lot faster than the G technology,how fast you ask?, i tried transferring 11gbs of files wirelessly to two computer my old G router gave me an ETF (estimed time to finish) of 5 hours and 40 mins with a maximum speed of 750-800 kbps, when i tried it with the new router, it gave me an ETF of 35 mins with a speed of 4.5 -5.8 mbps.

The N router is also 4x much stronger signal than the G, my old router didn't even reach our Sala, which is almost 30-40 ft away excluding all the doors, the new one was able to reach the kitchen which was 50-60 ft and it only generated 30% drop off in the internet performance. This router also supports A/B/G/N technology, but if i were you replace all your computers' network adpater that still uses G technology, I replaced every network adapter with a N capable one in our house hold.

Also this router uses WPA2-PSK security making it a lot harder for people stealing your signal to crack, Even my PSP's WIFI can't log in because the technology was not yet existing when the PSP was made. This also uses Clear Channel Assessment Technology (CCA), its purpose is that your wifi signal does not conflict with other wireless signal that degrades your own signal. Overall i'm happy with this router.

Pros: Uses N Technology, 4x larger range, 9x much faster than routers that are still using G technology, Very very Secured, Can easily edit the router to your likings, Comes with an installation disk that is very easy to install, Very cheap

Cons: The router casing looks cheap


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