Linksys WRT54G DD-WRT


While HyperWRT is just an improved version of default firmware, DD-WRT is written from scracth (based on OpenWrt Kernel). It has a different web interface and so many advanced features it made my head spin.

First of all, it has all the features I found handy in HyperWRT, and more. Not only you can increase connections limit, you can also monitor the number of connections on the router's web interface to make sure it doesn't reach the maximum. Overclocking can be done from a handy drop-down menu. It has the wireless signal boost as well. QoS L7 filter application list is even longer, and there's also "Optimize for gaming" setting like in original Linksys firmware. The only immediate complaint I had was that this firmware rebooted the router after every little change I made in the settings.

One thing I noticed in QoS was that you can not only set upload, but the download speed as well. I'm not sure it's a good thing, since limiting download speed is done by simply dropping packets. Also, my ISP gives me double download speed at night, which is problematic since I'd have to change QoS settings every time, or loose half of my download bandwidth.

When it came to actually testing the QoS, I was in for a big disappointment. While HyperWRT and even the default WRT54GL firmware managed to give me a latency of around 30 in Counter Strike with my neighbor doing his best to use upload and download speeds to the maximum, DD-WRT only managed to give me around 100 ms. That was with CSS set to "Exempt" (highest possible) priority.

Overall, I didn't like this firmware much. I don't really need all the features it has, since HyperWRT already does the job just fine. What's more, I actually found it's QoS handling to be inferior to default one from Linksys. So, unless you need some specific feature only DD-WRT has, I'd recommend you use HyperWRT instead.


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