How to correct the defects in our face


When we look in the mirror does not always like what we see, we feel that our skin is a disaster.

Annoys us that the shape of the eyes are too small or do not say anything, along with some dark circles by the stress of the day.

Do not despair, everything has a solution for all your concerns and flaws that you are enjoying it.

Here are some suggestions to correct these defects so annoying.

A common problem is dark circles that can be disguised using a liquid or cream makeup a shade or two lighter than the rest of the face.

The cover dark circles or correction often contain dust that remain in the wrinkles around and is very ugly. Then apply the usual foundation to the edge of the first makeup, blending well the barrier between them to avoid being noticed.

When the problems are drooping eyes, can be lifted slightly upward drawing a line on top lashes that can be put together to form a triangle but close with a stroke of pencil or eye shadow on the outer corner of lower lashes.

Also important to draw the eyebrows in an upward direction and put more mask from the center out of the eyelashes. All this, except if you have widely spaced eyes because aumentar’a effect.

Eye enhancing it with a pinkish-white pencil drawing a line l’inside that clarifies and opens his eyes.

Looking east and if you do not have widely separated eyes is achieved only by drawing a line from the center to the outside of the eye.


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