Healthy Skin Tips

So you don’t have time to go in for expensive procedures or spend all day on skincare. Some of the best skincare methods are cheap and easy, and realistically, you don’t have to spend a small fortune to get the results you want, especially if you start early. Good skincare early on can help you to delay the natural aging process, and you won’t have to see certain problems at all, or at least not until much later. Here are a few basic healthy skin tips.

1. Use Sunscreen or Stay Out of the Sun
Despite what Megan Fox and other clueless starlets may tell you, sunlight does not cure you skin of serious issues, and it is not an automatic acne fighter. Actually, too much sun increases oil production (bad sebum by the way), and it ends up causing more acne. It also breaks down healthy skin cells, again causing you to age. So even on cloudy days, do your best to wear sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and avoid the sun between 10 AM and 4PM generally speaking.

2. Avoid Smoking
Smoking restricts the pores, and it prevents your skin from accessing healthy and essential nutrients. Smoking makes you look older, and it contributes to problems with serious wrinkles. It narrows the blood vessels, and it can damage collagen and elastin. And when you pucker to smoke, that can also weaken healthy muscles.

3. Treat Skin Gently
Unfortunately, those hot baths that can seem so comfortable remove oils from the skin and damage it. Strong soaps can damage and break down healthy skin cells, and shaving can cause damage to the skin. Carefully shaving, patting skin dry, and moisturizing skin can make a substantial difference.

4. Eat Healthy
A healthy diet can help you to look and feel your best. It’s not just for your skin. When you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you automatically get more vitamins and minerals that contribute to healthy skin. And there are certain vitamins like vitamins A, C, & E that are particularly good for the skin.

5. Keep Stress Under Control
When stress gets out of control, it can make the skin more sensitive, increase oil production to increase rates of acne, and stress the skin out in multiple other ways. If you can control your stress levels, it’s not only your skin that will benefit. Your body as a whole will work a lot better.


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