Globe Launches UnliCalls Nyt Promo


Globe Telecoms recently launched its all night unlimited calls promo called UnliCalls Nyt. Here are the details as listed in the Globe Telecoms website:

What is Globe Unlicalls Nyt?

Globe Unlicalls Nyt lets you talk to your friends magdamagan with unlimited calls between 11pm to 6am for only PhP20.

How do I avail of Globe Unlicalls Nyt?

Register by texting UNYT20 to 2868. PhP 20 will be deducted from your load upon registration.After I register, how will I know if my Globe Unlicalls Nyt is already active?

Within 1 hour from registration, you will receive a confirmation message from Globe which will let you know that you can start calling. You will receive the following message:

Maaari mo nang magamit ang Globe UNLICALLS NYT! Enjoy unlimited Globe-Globe and Globe-TM calls from 11pm to 6am! TilDec14,DTI5628S08 Maintain P7.50 in ur account upang patuloy na makapag-UNLICALLS NYT. U can also buy SULITXT15 like load! Just go to any Globe Load retailer!

Is this a promo or a permanent offer?

The promo is from November 14 until further notice.

Does the promo offer apply to both peak and off-peak hours?

You can register to the promo anytime during the day, but the unlimited calls can only be availed between 11pm to 6am.

Is this promo available for Globe Prepaid and Globe Postpaid subscriber?

No, as of this time, this promo is only open to Globe prepaid subscribers. We will advise you when the promo will be available to Postpaid subscribers as well. For the meantime, postpaid subscribers can still avail of other voice promos like Tawag236, Sakto Calls and P10/3mins.

Can I use this promo to call my TM contacts (for Globe subscribers)?

Yes. Globe Unlicalls Nyt is applicable to calls that are Globe-to-Globe and Globe-to-TM.

Will I enjoy the special promo offer when I call other cellular networks (i.e. SMART, SUN)?

The promo offer is available for Globe-to-Globe and Globe-to-TM calls only. Calls to other cellular networks will be charged regular inter-network rates. P7.50/min will be charged for GHP Prepaid.

Can I avail of the promo when I am on international roaming?

The promo is only applicable to calls made within the country and does not apply when you are using the international roaming service.

How many calls can I make during the allotted time?

As long as you are registered to Globe Unlicalls Nyt, you can call as many times as you want to your Globe or TM contacts.

Is there a minimum load balance to avail of Globe Unlicalls Nyt?

You’ll need a minimum load balance of PhP27.50 to register and avail of Globe Unlicalls Nyt.

Is there a minimum load balance to make calls when on Globe Unlicalls Nyt?

As with regular calls, you’ll need a minimum load balance of PhP7.50 to make calls while registered on Globe Unlicalls Nyt.

Can I still use Globe Unlicalls Nyt if my balance is below PhP7.50?

No, you cannot make calls if your balance is below PhP7.50. Please make sure you have at least PhP7.50 so you can continually enjoy Unlicalls Nyt.

Can I only register between 11pm and 6am?

No, you can register to the promo anytime of the day.

If I register later than 11pm, when can I use my Globe Unlicalls Nyt?

The registration lasts for 24 hours, but you can call unlimited only between 11pm and 6am. For example, you registered at 1am, you can enjoy unlimited calling from 1am to 6am and 11pm to 12:59am of the following night. You are assured of 7 hours unlimited calling within 24 hours.

Can I use Globe Unlicalls Nyt when registered to other promos like Unlitxt, Sulitxt or EverybodyTxt?

Yes, you can use Globe Unlicalls Nyt even if you’re registered to other promos.

Can I use other Globe voice promos like Tawag236, Sakto Calls and P10/3mins while registered to Globe Unlicalls Nyt?

Yes, you can use other promos like Tawag236, Sakto Calls and P10/3mins even if you’re registered to Globe Unlicalls Nyt. You just have to use the correct calling syntax for the promo you want to use.

How will I know when my Globe Unlicalls Nyt subscription has expired already?

You will receive a text message that informs you of the expiration of your registration. The text message is as follows:

Will my call be automatically cut at 6:00AM?

No, the call will not be cut even if it crosses over past 6am. If you make the call before 6am and is registered to Unlicalls Nyt, the call will not be charged.

How else can I check if my Globe Unlicalls Nyt subscription is still active?

You can send UNYTBAL to 2868 to know if your subscription is still active, P1 per text.


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