Facebook Blackberry


Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones makes it easy to connect with your friends while on the go. Share your updates, get messages as soon as they arrive and view friends’ statuses and photos. You can even use Facebook Places to see where your friends have checked in, or display your own location.


  • Receive instant notifications
  • Post and tag photos
  • Check in with Facebook Places (new!)
  • Write on a friend's wall
  • Search for friends or pages (new!)
  • Update your status and profile photo
  • Access your Facebook inbox (new!)
  • See friends' profile pictures when they call or email you
  • View photo albums in a slideshow format

System Requirements

To use Facebook® for BlackBerry® smartphones, the following is required:

  • A data service plan from your wireless service provider
  • A BlackBerry smartphone with 64 MB of memory
  • 1.3 MB of available device memory
  • BlackBerry® Device Software v4.5 or later (to find your software version, click Options on the smartphone Home screen, then click About)
  • Access to Browsing Service. If you don't have access to Browsing Service, download Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones v1.6


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