Even Adults Need Natural Acne Treatment


One of the most common problems facing teenagers growing up is acne. Acne is caused by hormonal imbalances, body impurities, overactive glands or bacterial infections. Acne results in skin irritation, inflammation, pimples, scars, and discolored skin. Teenagers are always looking for a skin care solution to treat acne that occurs during their adolescent years. Because the teen years are a crucial time in a young man or woman’s life when self-esteem and appearance play a key role, finding the right skin care becomes crucial. But it is not only teens that are looking for the right cure. Many adults have had to deal with acne at one point in their lives, and if it’s not taken care of properly it can have a lifelong effect on our skin.

Go organic

In treating acne, it is crucial to avoid chemical based formulations as your skin can suffer side effects like redness or dryness. Experts recommend the use of organic skin products as the safest and most effective to use in your skin care regimen. Look for organic skin care products that contain vitamins like A, B6, and C and zinc.

Look around the kitchen

Herbs like basil, mint and turmeric are also good as a form of natural acne treatment as these can be simply found around the kitchen. Basil and mint are used in acne skin care because of their anti-bacterial and refreshing properties. Fresh basil or mint juice can be applied everyday on pimples. Turmeric is another essential ingredient in many skin care products because of its antiseptic quality. It ensures a glowing, blemish-free complexion. Fresh turmeric fingers can be ground with a little milk and applied on the face and the body. Even a vegetable that can be found in the fridge can be used as a face mask or dabbed directly to pimples as a pore reducer.

Get some exercise

Besides these skin care treatments, it’s a good idea to get some exercise as a part of your daily skin care regimen. This is important in reducing acne as a regular exercise habit reduces stress. Stress is often linked to acne skin conditions. The healthier your body is, the more likely you are to fight off the infections that cause acne. When you exercise for at least thirty minutes a day, you sweat and effectively remove toxins. You should exercise at least three times a week for thirty minutes.


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