Network Routing Basic Understanding IP Routing in Cisco System


A fresh look at routing and routing protocols in today’s networks. A primer on the subject, but with thorough, robust coverage of an array of routing topics. Written by a network/routing instructor who could never find quite the right book for his students -so he wrote his own. Coverage of all routing protocols. In-depth coverage of interior routing protocols, with extensive treatment of OSPF. Includes overview of BGP as well. Not written as a “pass the test” guide. Rather, a close look at real world routing with many examples, making it an excellent choice for preparing for a variety of certification exams. Many extras including a networking primer, TCPIP coverage with thorough explanations of subnetting / VLSMs / CIDR addressing, route summarization, discontiguous networks, longest match principal, and more.

Author : James MacFarlane
Edition : First Edition
Type : PDF
Page : 437
Size : 4.31 MB (Compressed)
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