Blackberry Curve 8330 Review


Smartphones are at big rage nowadays as they surpass the original dedicated mobile phone. Now phones can take the place of your laptop, having the same functions. Blackberry Curve continues to have the same design as their previous models.

Blackberry Curve 8330

And this 8330 comes in two different varieties, the Verison BlackBerry Curve 8330 comes in silver and the Sprint Curve in titanium. One thing that this smartphone lacks is Wi-Fi; the 8320 is the only Curve with Wi-Fi.

Moreover, regarding screen issues, it has a 2.5” landscape LCD using QVGA resolution. The colors look very bright and the image quality is very good. On the back there is the camera and on the side the buttons for various controls. The reception is very good when you are making phone calls and good voice quality. The speakerphone integrated is loud enough for you to hear even your friend whispering. As for browsing, it has its own HTML browser so you can open both normal internet websites and HTML sites.

Blackberry Curve 8330

Page arrangement is good once you set the full layout on the page. You can use the cursor to navigate or zoom some sections and it supports Javascript, cache, cookies and many more. One thing you can rely to do the best job is e-mailing. This BlackBerry Curve 8330 offers all the efficiency in sending, receiving, adding different e-mail support and format all concerning e-mail is on the top.

It does support MMS, SMS, and IM and has calendar, notes, tasks, calculator, password and the standard BlackBerry game: BrickBreaker. It comes with GPS so you can use it as a navigation tool, being fast and accurate. You get good signal and you can buy maps of different places to get the best guidance you need. In this way you won’t get lost and you always know which way to go to reach your destination. The camera has 2 megapixels with digital zoom and LED flash. It also provides a self portrait mirror. You can also record videos and the photos taken look sharp and clear.

You can take pictures on both indoor and outdoor and be sure it will capture the details and offer color balance. The battery is Lithium Ion (used as well for laptops) and if kept in stand-by you will enjoy 11 days, and 4.3 hours on talk time. Of course with such an advanced phone you won’t be able to control yourself and not check your e-mails or take some pictures, or playing some music, but it won’t drain your battery so much as using GPS system. And if you additionally watch some Sprint TV then you might have to charge the battery daily.

Blackberry Curve 8330

The QWERTY keyboard is easy to use and if you don’t mind the size on today’s smartphone keys then you won’t have any problems. It is a good smartphone offering multimedia features like playing music, taking pictures, go online, watch Spring TV, having the possibility of adding some personalizing items like themes, ringtones, wallpapers to make this phone more of your taste. All in all this is the short review of the BlackBerry Curve 8330, you can see more by watching the pictures and by testing it yourself.


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