Apple iPad 2 Build & Design


The Apple iPad 2 looks exactly like the iPad after a crash diet. It sports the same aluminum backing that provides a sturdy and durable build as well as a cool feel. The aluminum also shrugs off the fingerprints and smudges that plague all-plastic devices like the Xoom and Galaxy Tab.

The 9.7-inch display is surrounded by a black or white trim that is a little less than an inch thick and slightly thinner on the longer sides. It can be either white or black, depending on user choice, but I chose black because I feel black better frames the display. After all, when was the last time you saw white trim on an HDTV?
There is only one button on the display, which when pressed, calls up the home sceen. A quick double-tap brings up a task bar with all the currently running or recently accessed applications.

The back slopes nicely at the edges and features a prominent Apple logo, speaker, and rear camera lens. The camera lens is significantly recessed from the body, reducing the chances of an unintentional scratch or fingerprint. It seems like an obvious design choice, but the Xoom and other tablets feature only slightly recessed lenses that are just begging for a scratch, so kudos to Apple.

Looking at the bottom of the iPad 2, you’ll find the standard Apple 30-pin port. On the top, sits the sleep/wake button and microphone.


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