Apple Cider Vinegar


The Natural Vinegar

The Vinegar has a beneficial effect for Thousands of Years Observed WAS. The secret lies in the composition. A lot of Valuable Active Ingredients, Which the Stimulated Metabolism, Stimulated circulation, and have a Generally Positive impact to our health. 

Already Even grandmothers and great-great-grandmother at the time praise the almaecetből, water and honey drink is prepared, whereby a range of minor Complaints kúrálták. It helps Digestion problems, Metabolic Disorders, the accumulated phlegm megfázásnál breakout, and reduces the cholesterol Levels good complement to the diet - just to name a Few. bacterio Since the anti-inflammatory effect and anti-army Even in ancient times an important role in wound care as well. 

Applied externally to the skin care Natural Apple Cider Vinegar - savköpenyére Positive Impact on Our Bodies. We can do it in the bath water, use arcvízként, or szájvízként hajöblítőként. Is Effective Against dandruff, and makes the hair shine.

Healing Power Of A Sophisticated Addition to the Vinegar and Spices, Healthy Which is the only family dining kitchen can Not Miss. Perfect for salads, sauces, vegetables and Meat Seasoning. Eastern Europe for Refreshment almaecetes Would STILL drink water. In the old days it WAS said, the Vinegar in the "fountain of youth", and it helps keep long ifjúságunkat Complaints, Providing a high age. 

Now hear this kind of skepticism csodaszerekről stories. Because it is clear That there is no universal medicine. However, the Vinegar Naturally pure, rich food, health-Enhancing Effects of long-known in folk medicine, and gentle healing power of a lot of Already Experienced People in Their own skin.
Good experience of our predecessors in relation to the natural almaecettel can trust. But we do try!

What is a Healthy Vinegar?

Almost in apple found in all components of the Apple Vinegar can be found. 100 grams of fresh apple peel for example, with 140 milligrams of Potassium. Almákból Whole, Naturally Produced Approximately 100 g of Vinegar In The Same volume. The accurate analysis of apple Vinegar and of course always have some Differences, Not Because all apples and apple are the Same. Scientific research has shown That only the components of Vinegar evaporates in the air for More Than 90 Different Materials are. 

The Vinegar, inter alia, to 20 Minerals and trace elements, and lower milk Citric acid, a series of enzymes, amino acids and roughage Valuable, SUCH as Pectin and Potash.

Now Vinegar component of the Positive Influence on science has found a clear explanation is lower. This applies particularly to the Vitamins That are known to be Essential for the functioning of metabolic Processes, as well as for the cholesterol-lowering almapektinre and all in the Minerals trace element, Which - like iron, copper or fluoride - Metabolism catalyst, or - SUCH as Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Sulfur, Chlorine or - In particular the construction of our body are Necessary.

How to make our own apple Vinegar

The Vinegar is Necessary to Produce Usually found in Raw Materials Every household. However, it is very important That the process is done in two steps: first, good almamustot must be made and only then - the second step - Vinegar. 

Choose sweet apples, and preferably kezeletleneket, Which come from organic farming methods for. Not the fruit looks like a major, But Rather Not the Purity That can be Produced by chemical agents for plant-Treating. The shop is also available in apple juice or apple must Not be used for fermentation, the Préservatrice CONTAIN Because it May.

I. Must

Wash the apples (about 5 pounds), and then put Them in quarters. Place the apples in the juicer, and twist off the juice. Pour the apple juice pressed from the fruits Together with a large glass or terracotta POTS. dilute with some water , add a pinch of yeast and a Few pieces of black bread, and to Accelerate the fermentation of alcohol.

Then drag the container over His mouth in a balloon, with air-tight seal. When the sugar can Transform into alcohol, carbon manganese dioxides form, Which over time inflates the balloon. If you see a little foam on top of the must, the élesztőmaradék only.

Approximately four weeks to set aside the pan Until the Sugar Is Not Completely converted into alcohol. Must be ready. If you are really hot, it's Been one or two weeks can occur. However, the extreme heat can harm a must. The yeast cells Above 60 ° C die, and this prevents the alcohol fermentation. The freeze prevents bottom fermentation. The apple must Refreshing, tasty drink. But watch out, whatever is Easily impregnates Himself, DO NOT underestimate the alcohol content!

II. Vinegar

Make the almamustot a wide, flat bowl, the liquid surface as possible to terüljön. More than three-quarters of the dish is Filled with.

If you have a little Vinegar or possibly ecetvirágunk, enter the must, Will it speed up the fermentation Vinegar. Cover the dish Coarse linen or a mosquito net, But by no Means airtight seal. The Acetic Acid Bacteria in continuous work is Needed oxygen.

Temperature of the ideal 26 to 28oC ecetképződéshez. 35oC Above the acetic acid Bacteria are killed. If it is too cold, the operation stops. During the Period When The Bacteria transform the alcohol, Sometimes Called the "ragasztószagot" (ethyl acetate) feel. Once the Vinegar is ready, the odor disappears.

Two or three months, the Vinegar is ready. Before you fill the jars, filter through a piece of linen or coffee, baked in paper, to clean up more almadaraboktól, and the So-Called élesztőmaradéktól ecetférgektől. (The ecetférgek (anguillula acetate) , a family of pest nematodes, Which proliferate in the acidic Substances) Vinegar Pour in the half-liter bottles, and cork stopper.

If you SUCCEED The first time the Vinegar is too sour, or something Does not taste good, DO NOT be Disappointed. The real ecetkészítés really good art, justifying this in any is professional. A lot of experience is required.

Against Almapektinnel cholesterol

In FACT, the Vinegar, just like the Apple Pectin contains, Which In Itself Is Not digestible, although inert, But All The Other mini ballast, aiding Digestion, and a Variety of Useful functions.

Pectin reduces the cholesterol Levels, for example, or more precisely the level of cholesterol Harmful. Can bind cholesterol in the bile built up. However, Since the bile acids are vital to digest fats, our body Other Needs some way to generate. Therefore removes the cholesterol from the blood and converts epesavvá. This effect is directly Caused by the blood of Pectin in the Six-state: if you have less cholesterol in the blood, the less material deposito on the inner wall of Blood Vessels, and thereby to circulate the blood in the veins.

That experience has shown Consumption Vinegar improves memory, increases concentration in, vitality, warm feeling of our body, the condition and function of any is, Which depends on the good vérkeringéstől.

The University Clinic in Vienna in 1991 published a study of the Effects of cholesterol almapektin. Six weeks kezellek almapektinből isolated from roughage-product of the multi-age group, Patients Whose WAS too high cholesterol.

The result is the good cholesterol Increased Levels, while the level of bad cholesterol and atherosclerosis That Causes Blood flow slows down, about 30 percent.


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