10 false myths of cosmetics


In the field of beauty, almost everyone knows something, but at certain times, so-called universal rules have the opposite effect from what you want:
  • Don’t use water to clean your skin

Indeed, experts advise you to avoid washing the face, but the recommendation refers specifically to avoid aggressive cleaning products (shower gel, soap). The Americans dermatologists say that all the cleansing products that are otherwise designed to complement the cleaning action of water, not to replace the it.
  • A thicker layer of cream – a safer skin
The absorption capacity of the skin is variable. Skin takes in as much product needs and the excess is just shining merely unaesthetic. The face cream muust be applied in a thin layer on the face and the unpleasant sensation of pressing appears only if the the action is repeated.
  • An exfoliating product is effective only if it is strong
In fact, the repeatedly using of an aggressively exfoliating product lead to skin sensitization and can cause diseases as eczema and rashes. The best products are that which have a gentle exfoliating action. Nothing about the masks of fruit is recommended for daily application beccause the fruit acids contained can affect the skin in time.
  • The foundation and the powder covers the rinkles
The effect is exactly the opposite. The product is been collected in the folds of skin at each contraction of the facial muscles and wrinkles become more visible (the more obvious the layer of foundation or powder is thicker). Experts recommend that the layer of foundation to be as thiner as posible, in an open shade to reflect light.
  • The skin is more easily to stretch if it is mixed with cleansing-milk
The specific action of the cleansing-milk is to remove the layer of make-up. Much more effective is the foundation mixed with a little moisturizer and applyied on wet skin.

Warning! Do not put cream or water in containers with makeup, because you alter the product.

Another method for applying the foundation is to apply the product on dry skin and smoothing the application by buffering the face with wet hands.
  • For light-colored eyes don’t use make-up in the same shades.
In fact, using a shade close to the eye will enhance the natural color of the iris. However, it should not get make-up in a shade too open compared to the natural one, because you point out too hard and you create a stared eyes efect.
  • Bright make-up is for young females
Skin of mature women is more dull and more tired than that of a young woman, so little shine will not hurt. Moreover, the light reflex will make the skin look more streched and will divert attention from wrinkles. Recomented are the foundations which reflects the light, the powder with shinning particles,and coloured glosses. But keep the proportions! Also, you should avoid bright eye make-up, cream type, that are gathering in the folds of skin!
  • Pink confer natural-looking skin
Depends on natural skin tone. Pink tones are recommended only to the people who have lighter skin. An Olive skin, with a make-up in a shade of pink will have a funny aspect. The shades of beige, orange and even gold are recommended for brunettes,.
  • Lips appear fuller if their contours are visible
An excentric fashion of the 80’s which luckily passed recommends: a closed outline of the lips and a lipstick lighter with a few tones. The appearance of such a make-up is vulgar and artificial. In fact, experts recommend using a pencil contour lighter than than the lipstick. This way you avoid unpleasant situations like lipstick deleting and the contours to become visible. For the lips look fuller, apply other trick: choose light-colored lipsticks, easy-pearl or glossy lipsticks.
  • Shaping the eyes with black eyeliner to make eyes look bigger
This practice is used frequently, but the effect is exactly the opposite: black outline around the eyes will make your eyes look smaller than they actually are! Application of contour lines with an open eyeliner (beige or white) will give an intense look and will make the eyes look bigger.


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