Top 10 Data Recovery Sharewares

People forgetting to back up their data and a increasing number of system crashes and damaged storage devices and corrupted data, data recovery sharewares and other data recovery programs are in great demand. 

Using authorized and original data recovery sharewares is beneficial as it provides safe and effective way of recovering the lost data.

Pirated or duplicate or data recovery sharewares that are available for free downloads on the net can cause further damage to your lost files and can make them permanently unrecoverable.

Listed below are a few data recovery sharewares which will help you recovery your data with minimum loss and maximum efficiency.

1. Recover My Files: This data recovery shareware can recover files deleted from the system or even from the recycle bin. Files lost due to system crash or virus infection can also be successfully recovered using this shareware. It is very easy to use and give optimum performance.

2. NTI Back-up Now: NTI Back-up Now provides a total back-up solution. It is very effective data recovery shareware that can be used for creating back-up for important data. Its data recovery mechanism and options are not that effective but offers optimum data back-up options.

3. PDF Password Recovery: Adobe acrobat PDF file passwords set by the owner and that have been forgotten can be recovered using this shareware.

4.EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard: it is very user friendly and is very effective in it data recovery options. This data recovery shareware access all the inaccessible and remote areas of the hard disks. It then scans the whole system and the hard disk for any damaged or corrupted data. It then recovers the required data as per the user's choice. This data recovery shareware is very powerful and has got unmatched ability to recovery data. It is very small in size (4.6 MB) and uses minimum disk space and system memory even when it is working.

5.Handy Back-up: Handy back-up has been developed and designed only for computer who have a windows operating system. More than recovery it automatically creates back-up for all your data and saves you the hassle of data recovery sharewares and other methods used for data recovery.

6.Norton Ghost: Works well in combination with Norton anti virus. It helps you back up and protect the whole system and not just the important data. Recovery options offered by this data recovery shareware are above average, but mostly it is used for back-up purposes.

7.Genie Back-up Manager Professional: it is a perfect blend of options for data back-up and data recovery. This data recovery shareware offers efficient recovery options and is very effective. It helps you recover all the lost or corrupted original files.

8.File Rescue Plus: Helps recover all types of files including media files like images, videos etc.

9.Bad Copy Pro: This data recovery shareware helps you recover files from your system as well as from your other storage devices.

10.Search and Recovery 2: it has got highly advanced features which help you recovery data from your computer, e-mails, and recovers all types of files.

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