St Albans teen arrested in connection with WikiLeaks investigations

A teenager from St Albans was arrested last week on suspicion of computer hacking in connection with WikiLeaks.

Detectives from the Met Police raided the 19-year-old's home on Thursday, January 27.

He was arrested under the Computer Misuse Act 1990 along with four others aged 15, 16, 20 and 26.

The police carried out a series of dawen raids in connection with the investigations at addresses in the West Midlands, Northants, Hertfordshire, Surrey and London.

The Met Police say the arrests are in relation to recent and ongoing "distributed denial of service" attacks (DDoS) by an online group calling themselves 'Anonymous'.

They are part of an ongoing investigation in to Anonymous which began last year following criminal allegations of DDoS attacks by the group against several companies.

All five have been released on bail.[source]


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