Spot PETA Girls in Lettuce Outfits (Kuala Lumpur)

Ladies dressed in nothing but lettuce have been spotted around major cities in the world. A strange case of fashion recessionistas utilizing anything for a new outfit? Not quite. These ladies are actually part of a new movement by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) to help raise awareness and persuade you to try vegetarianism for the sake of our environment. So don't be startled if you're in KL and see a lady dressed in full-length gown made of lettuce, she's just doing her part to get your attention to go green! (UPDATED: We've posted some pictures of the Lettuce Lady outside Pavilion today)

Lettuce Lady @ Pavilion KL, today

 Lettuce Lady braving the cold in Iowa

Lettuce Ladies at the Shibuya Crossing, Tokyo

We've all heard the stories about how mass environmental damage is leading to a lower quality of life. The more manufacturing factories are built, the hazier our skies are with air pollution. Feeling the pressure, perhaps some of you have started recycling, filtering out perishables and reusable items.

PETA is going one step further and saying why not make change through our diet too? The meat industry is one of the largest contributors to environmental issues, from the feeding, transportation and slaughter. All these processes contribute greenhouse-gas emissions to our environment.

Preaching the cause outside KFC in Canada

Let's not forget the ethically-questionable slaughter methods applied in the mass culling of livestock. Across the globe, billions of animals are suffering unfairly just so that humans can satisfy their palate.

Vegetarian celebrities have lend a helping hand to the cause so far. Academy and Emmy Award winning actress, 82-year-old Cloris Leachman wore a tasteful (as a lettuce one could get) gown for a PETA advertisment.

The New York Times has this much to say about the campaign:
Chloris Leachman posed in a gown made of lettuce and red cabbage and posed for a PETA ad campaign to promote vegetarianism. No reports of anyone becoming a vegetarian, but many people did lose their appetite completely. – Doug Austen

I'm pretty sure Mr Doug Austen would lose the snarkiness and gladly convert to vegetarianism if he saw Playboy Playmate of the Year, Jayde Nicole, in action!

Here are some pictures (courtesy of Freeform trainees Angelene and Jit) while visiting Pavilion Shopping Centre at noon today:

Reposted; Courtesy of tounguechic
[Image credits:, FashionIndie, Core77]


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