PCLinuxOS 2009.1 Live Installable CD

PCLinuxOS is a complete Linux distribution created with the new Linux user in mind. 

PCLinuxOS is a complete operating system for your computer, and is often used instead of Microsoft Windows because:
  1. It costs hundreds of dollars less.
  2. Has virtually no spyware or virus issues.
  3. Can still run on older computers where newer versions of Microsoft Windows won't.
  4. Has free Online support available.

PCLinuxOS 2009.1 is a great alternative to Microsoft Windows. It's easy to install and has an excellent track record of supporting a wide range of hardware. Anyone who has ever used Microsoft Windows should feel at home using PCLinuxOS.

For more information, please visit this products webpage.


mypetjawa said...

Nice screen-shot, I would love to see in a 3D mode.

interested-participant said...

It is great to have a free OS like Linux without touching the whole Drive you can test and run on your PC.

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