Keepin' It Real Fake: iPad meets Mini Me


It's always a fun moment when a friend comes by to say "Yeah, I just got this Android 7" tablet, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to send it back." Not without letting us take a quick snapshot, you're not! This $199 KIRF tablet is a dead ringer for a squeezed, shrunk-down iPad -- there's even a little square on the Home button, even though it's a bit cockeyed.

The battery had run down on this unit (a hardware on/off switch! How quaint), but it's running a build of Android 2.1 that's fairly well convinced it's on a phone -- down to the non-functional signal bars on the screen.

Pictured here with the genuine article, the miniPad seems to be scaled for a smaller, cozier world. At least it might fit in a pocket. More on Tuaw


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