iPad 2 case maker creates fake iPad 2 to put inside


Until Apple decide to make it official the speculation is that an iPad 2 can be expected sooner rather than later this year. In the meantime, a number of iPad 2 cases have appeared sporting new holes for front and back cameras and a larger speaker.

The problem case makers have is the iPad 2 is thought to be thinner than the original, so while they can show you an empty case, they can’t demonstrate it with an iPad inside. Or can they?

One manufacturer came up with a solution: make a fake iPad 2 that conforms to the specifications of the new cases. At least then it’s possible to show off the case as it’s meant to be seen with a device fitted inside it.

This particular case also has a magnetic strip along the front to allow a Bluetooth keyboard to attach easily.

It’s unlikely all these cases would be appearing unless someone in China had met up with Foxconn employees and got handed the new dimensions for the updated iPad 2. If they are guessing this seems like a silly waste of money as no one will want a case until they actually have the iPad 2 in their hands anyway. Read Full Article


iPad 2 cases said...

these pictures look fake

ipad 2 accessories said...

i just heard that the ipad 2 is out on the 2nd of march

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