How Can I Be Sure That Data Rescue 3 Will Work?

When files on a computer are missing, recovery of those files becomes vitally important. The files that are missing may be quite valuable or not easily replaced. Digital photographs often contain a record of friends and family and are extremely important. Photos of important family occasions cannot be replaced because the special moment is gone and will not happen again.

Business documents are extremely valuable and are necessary for the continuity of operations. While some documents can be duplicated by re-creation, the process is time consuming and will result in both lost time and money.

Data rescue can often be achieved through the application of software specifically designed for file recovery. Mac file recovery can be accomplished by using Data Rescue 3 – For Macintosh, a data recovery software program designed by Prosoft Engineering, Inc. This program can recover a long list of file formats. Because the number of programs available for computer users continues to increase, it is important that a recovery software program be able to recognize an ever-increasing number of formats.


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