Different ways to recover windows 7 password

Did you forget Microsoft Windows administrator password ? You may have forgotten the password and therefore Windows does not allow you to enter , Click on the "?" To see the password hint that can help you remember the password. But if you have no clue, is a serious problem. However, I do not think that the format of your hard drive in Windows, because it removes all data from your hard drive. There is a quick and easy way to reset windows password, use Windows password recovery software.

You may forget a few things on your computer life, such as creating regular backups, defragmenting the hard drive, and even the Windows administrator password. There are several methods you can try resetting the password of Windows, such as:

Reset Disk for password recovery- Reset disk you need to create to set a password for your Microsoft Windows. It helps to restore the administrative password without formatting the hard disk and reinstall Windows from Microsoft.

Use System Restore -If you do not have a password reset disk in place, you can try to restore the Microsoft Windows operating system in the previous working state. However, if your Windows hard drive containing the stored sensitive data after the restore point creation, should not go for the restoration. The process erases all data that is stored after the restore point was created

Use Windows boot disk- The boot disk allows you to repair the operating system Microsoft Windows. Repair the operating system sets the password as blank and lets you set a password again after the next boot.

If none of the above methods work and you think that have to reinstall the Windows operating system to retrieve your Windows password, then you are wrong. Use Windows Password Recovery Software, It is an easy, fast, automated method to reset windows password.

Password recovery application are able to change the Windows password for most Windows OS versions. They are totally easy to use and comes equipped with simple user interface and rich graphics.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Password Recovery is the most effective solution to reset the administrator password and other user accounts on Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP and server operating systems (2000-2008). The software also helps you to recover the password from the most popular web browsers, FTP clients, instant messaging clients and email clients.


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