BL-5C Battery overheat, Nokia Issued Warning

Nokia today issued a product advisory for the Nokia-branded BL-5C battery manufactured by Matsushita Battery Industrial Co., Ltd. of Japan between December 2005 and November 2006.

Nokia has identified that in very rare cases the Nokia-branded BL-5C batteries subject to the product advisory could potentially experience overheating initiated by a short circuit while charging, causing the battery to dislodge. So far there have been about 100 incidents reported globally, fortunately no serious injuries or property damage. Nokia is working closely with Matsushita and will be cooperating with relevant authorities to investigate this situation.

In order to determine if a battery is subject to this advisory, it is necessary to remove the battery from the device. A Nokia battery will have “Nokia” and “BL-5C” printed on the front of the battery. On the reverse, the Nokia mark appears at the top and the battery identification number (consisting of 26 characters) is found at the bottom. Consumers should refer to this identification number to determine if their battery is among the batteries manufactured by Matsushita between December 2005 and November 2006.

Consumers can request a replacement for any BL-5C battery subject to this product advisory. Consumers should visit the website or contact their local Nokia call center.


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