Benefits Of Onions

The onion is a bulbous plant with hollow cylindrical leaves, long and thickened at the base that makes up the bulk of the bulb. The flowers of the onion, white or pink has six sepals, six petals, six stamens and one pistil. The fruits are small capsules containing their small seeds. Certain varieties of flowers are rather few bulbs that can be buried for new plants.

Onion is originally from Asia but has been cultivated widely in temperate and subtropical regions for thousands of years. It is indispensable in the kitchen because onion contains much water and you can cook it with little or no oil. This makes it useful to saute with other vegetables. It is very tasty either pickled, fried, boiled, baked or simply raw on enchiladas or salads. And don't forget good old fajitas.

In addition to its deliciousness, onion contains significant amounts of vitamins and minerals such as sulphur, phosphorus, iron, calcium, sodium and magnesium. The sulphur in onion is the volatile essences that gives it its characteristic pungency, which makes us cry when cutting onions because these essences come in through the nose and cause tearing. Always keep a fan blowing the air away from you while cutting onions.

Onion stimulates the appetite and regulates the functions of the stomach. It has diuretic and cleansing properties, and also works well for constipation. It is effective against respiratory ailments and has disinfectant properties; therefore, eating onions (especially raw) protects us against infectious diseases. You didn't know you could sanitize the kitchen counters with onions I bet.

Even our nervous system benefits from onion consumption. Thanks to its high content of phosphorus and sulphur. Therefore, people with depression, fatigue or sleeplessness are advised to eat either raw or cooked onions. It is very beneficial in cases of hypertension, because the minerals it contains are ideal for the arteries, promoting their elasticity, and keeps away fat deposition (including cholesterol).

Arguably, the onion is one of those vegetables that is very good to regulate the body. It has a significant cleansing action and the presence of folate as flavonoids. Onions are used in a large number of preparations not only to make tasty dishes but also to prevent health problems.


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