Amplifier Makes Voices Louder AND Clearer For Hearing Impaired

Presbycusis, or age-related hearing loss, affects two aspects of hearing; volume and clarity. Amplification provided by a hearing aid increases the volume of all sounds, but the sounds that benefit most from amplification are vowel sounds. 

Consonant sounds also become louder, but not necessarily more clear.

Unfortunately for those affected with presbycusis, the sounds that are most difficult for them to discern are consonant sounds because they are very 'short' sounds, like the 'b' in boo, or the 'd' in do. 

You can elongate the sound of 'oo,' but not the sound of a 'd' or a 'b.'

That's why a hearing devices like the Voice Clarifying Amplifier makes sense for boomers or seniors who are recently experiencing hearing loss. Its digital amplification system has the ability to raise the volume and the frequency or the sounds so that those hard -to-distinguish consonants are more clear, easier to understand.

The Voice Clarifying Amplifier fits neatly into your ear and there are no hooks or wires you have to worry about extending from the ear piece around your ear or down your neck. Additionally, the Amplifier is rechargeable by an AC adapter or two AAA batteries. One 12-hour charge lasts for 10 hours.
The Voice Clarifying Amplifier comes with four sizes of silicone caps to accommodate all ear sizes.


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