Think of Fast and Furious,

There are numerous brands of laptop and most of them have been competences against each other for as long as the notebook starts bursting out in the market and affordable to the public. Lenovo seen by many, as a rather junior or little brother version of laptops compares to the big league such as Dell and Acer. However, as repetitive as the usability of this brand may sound, Lenovo does a great ground-breaking job of introducing the newer and more innovative approach to the world of portable computers.

ThinkPad X201 laptop launched by Lenovo is by far the fastest processing laptop in the industry to date. Along with this incredible model, four other Think-branded products also being introduced in the market in order to streamline against different levels of capability each model can offers. X201 dedicated for being the thinnest and lightest among the four models, along with its tablet version, mainly for business consumers, and W701 and W701ds for high intensity workstations purposes.

 X201 may look thin and light but the performance that it packed comes with staggering three gigahertz of new Intel core series i5 and i7. Instead of using the trend ‘the bigger the better’, this model abducted opposite approach of other competitors has done where mobility does not compromise with performance. Apart from that, X201 also use normal Volt core processors to add more stability to its processing solutions. The battery can stand for up to astonishing eleven hours under normal usages. The tablet series of X201 on the other hand, enjoys with 12.1’ inch mulitouch screen together that is finger or pen based full size screen for fine navigation. Other packages include those of a normal laptop that can offer. 

Quality and performance enthusiasts will be glad to know that the new W series mobile workstations from Lenovo guarantee to boost your likeness of computing from imagination to reality. The W701 and W701ds offers top of the line Intel Core i7 series' processors with integrated graphic card of Nvidia Quadro FX 2800 and 3800 series. If that is not enough, stag these models with 17’ inch Full HD 1920x1200 resolution. To spice more exterior design up, built-in color calibrator and WACOM digital with pen for enhancement on the details also being added to the screen.


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