Super Talent USB 3.0 Virtual PC Flash Drive


Super Talent announced its USB 3.0 Virtual PC flash drive, which basically combines Ceedo Professional with the company’s USB 3.0 Express RAM CACHE flash drive. Ceedo Personal is a portable Windows environment that runs from a USB flash drive. It can transform a flash drive into a virtual PC. Using Ceedo, many standard Windows applications can now be made portable for use on any PC; making it possible for you to install, carry and run the same standard Windows applications that you already own and already know how to use.

Each USB 3.0 Virtual PC drive includes the Ceedo Personal 4.0 and Backup & Restore bundle. With use of USB 3.0 interface and DRAM cache, Super Talent’s USB 3.0 Express RAM CACHE, combined with Ceedo, create a Windows Virtual PC environment that is FAST, flexible and totally portable.


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