SSDs would be jointly produced by Hitachi, Intel

It has been revealed by the Japanese electronics conglomerate, Hitachi that it will produce Solid State Drives (SSD) jointly with chipmaker Intel. SSDs are memory devices that are figured as a nice alternative for HDDs (Hard Disk Drives).

Hitachi , the world's third largest hard drive maker has never used the SSD technology before. Since the SSDs are capable of absorbing shocks better and consume less power than hard disk drives, they are mainly used in laptop PCs. The features of SSDs are quite vital for any laptop user.

The agreement states that the SSDs would be basically manufactured by Intel and sold by Hitachi, with the first shipment planned for

SSDs would be targeted for the business use, like in servers and computer storage systems. The hard disks would continued being sold by the Japanese conglomerate, since they are of the view that these devices will continue to be in demand in applications where large data storage is required.

"We understand the needs of today's enterprise customers and are committed to delivering breakthrough products that increase their data center performance and reduce total cost of ownership," reported Shinjiro Iwata, executive vice president of strategic business operations at Hitachi GST.

The two companies informed, "Hitachi will use Intel's NAND flash inside of its drives and both Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) and Fiber Channel (FC) drives will be designed." Moreover, a low-cost SSD of its own has also been announced by Intel, to come in June.

The companies said, "The new drives will be branded and exclusively sold and supported by Hitachi, while Intel will also continue to develop, market and sell its SATA SSDs."[source]


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