Nexcopy Readies USB 3.0 Flash Drive Duplicator

What you are looking here isn't another monster hub but rather a 16-port USB 3.0 duplicator. Nexcopy, as of this writing, is optimizing the SuperSpeed thumbdrive copier so details are still somewhat sketchy. What we found out about the duplicator will ship in about 5 weeks. It can copy at a peak rate of 65MB/s for a single flash drive; interestingly, performance could jump to 72MB/s even with 8 devices connected. For USB 3.0 hard drives, transfer speeds come in at 95MB/s. The number is consistent with either 1 or 8 devices connected to the duplicator.

Nexcopy told us that the primary target market are USB 3.0 hard drives as they are more prevalent in the market today, but they expect demand for USB 3.0 flash drives to pick up they more of those become available. In related news, Nexcopy plans to offer USB 3.0 flash drives in 16GB and 32GB size with custom branding as option. They will be sold for $89 and $149 respectively. As for the duplicator pricing, the company hasn't made any announcement yet.


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