LG 55LH90 Review


The LG 55LH90 features an all black exterior which is typical of most LED TVs these days. The only visible distinction on the face of the TV is the LG logo placed prominently below the screen. The edges of the screen are straight on all sides except the bottom which has a slight curve to it. The gloss black chassis is so glossy that it is almost mirror-like. Beware if you put this in a room with a lot of ambient lighting because it will wash out the scren. The screen is also supported by a pedestal that matches both color and style to the screen.

With LED backlighting LG is able to employ local dimming technology. What this means is that in dark scenes the LED TV is able to reduce the brightness from the LEDs. Not only this, but in scenes with both bright and dark areas, the TV can reduce brightness in only the darker areas. This results in a picture that is capable of much higher contrast and detail. With all that being said this LED TV only has a contrast ratio of 2000000:1 which is well below par compared to the Vizio XVT553SV or any other new TV.

Most TVs refresh the image at 60 Hz. Better TVs refresh at 120 Hz. The best TVs refresh at 240 Hz. The LG 55LH90 is able to virtually eliminate motion blur thanks to its super fast refresh rate. This will keep fast moving objects in focus and detailed as they move across the screen. Now it is possible to watch and enjoy sporting events on your new TV.

The LG 55LH90 is one of only a few TVs to actually be THX certified. This means the TV has passed a series of tests designed to test a TV’s capabilities. Most of the tests center around its video processing capabilities which ultimately result in a finer picture. It also means that the display can present all HD and standard definition content at the maximum resolution with correct color and luminance levels. Even though it is THX certified the picture quality compared to our top ranked products it could use some improvement.

Most people were impressed by the excellent black levels and shadow detail. The TV was also able produce accurate color after some picture adjustments. The matte screen helps to diffuse light from bright rooms and ambient light. 4 HDMI inputs were plenty of connections for even the most avid videophile. While 240 Hz sounds good on the spec sheet, it was difficult to discern the benefits of such a fast response time.

Users were overall quite pleased with the LG 55LH90 but did notice some fading and blending of colors on some movies. The TV was easy to set up and made movies and sports take on a new level of realism.


LG is quickly making a name for itself in the LED TV business. It’s no wonder they are doing so well with older models such as the LG 55LH90 still out performing a lot of newer models. It has plenty of features and is priced now days much more reasonable for any home theater or living room setting.


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