Intel Ready to Compete in the Market Tablets

Intel Ready to Compete in the Market Tablets. since Apple gave birth iPad in 2010 and many vendors have started introducing their products to market tablets. In addition there is also no ARM-based tablet. All matters relating to the tablet PC will indeed continue to grow from day to day.

This is in addition to providing a new spirit to the vendors in competing in the tablet market. Competition in the tablet market would also indirectly put pressure on Intel as the vendor who did the main production PC processors.

This situation is like getting hotter with the announcement from Microsoft that says windows operating system that will come out later will be able to support the ARM processor.

Even though this may be true. But the big vendors such Intel did not seem disturbed. This can be seen from Intel’s profits are increasing from year to year in 2010.

Intel CEO Paul Ottelini still seems confident with all the products they produce that made products they will be able to compete with ARM tablets. Ottelini himself made the statement during the performance of Intel’s announcement in 2010.

“As we have done for decades, we will apply the most advanced technology of silicon transistors in this segment to deliver products that most low-power, high performance and low cost on the planet,” said Ottelini.

At least, Intel is preparing several products which are expected to compete Atom with ARM-based processors such as tablets issued the Samsung, Qualcomm and Nvidia.

“When the chips (we made), combined with our support on the main operating system world, which has proven ability in creating a broad ecosystem support, and capabilities of our software grows, I am sure we will be successful in these new segments,” Connect Ottelini.


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