HandyTone 286 (HT286) Analog Telephone Adaptor


Grandstream’s HandyTone 286 is a next generation, cost effective solution for consumers looking to transition from traditional analog telephone devices to the savings and benefits of an IP telephony network. 

The product interfaces legacy analog telephones, fax machines, analog conference telephones and other analog devices to IP based telephony networks.

The HandyTone286 is an entry level Voice-over-IP device supporting one telephone number and one RJ-45 interface 10/100 mbps Ethernet network.

» Interoperable with leading 3rd party VoIP providers
» Plug-and-dial
» Compatible with most service providers
» Compact and light weight

Features and Benefits

  • Full Feature Voice/Fax-over-IP
  • Ultra-compact and lightweight
  • Universal Plug and Dial
  • Very Highly affordable and effective IP solution


1. Connect a standard touch-tone analog telephone (or fax machine) to FXS port.
2. Insert the Ethernet cable into the LAN port of HT–286 and connect the other end of the Ethernet
cable to an uplink port (a router or a modem, etc.)
3. Insert the power adapter into the HT–286 and connect it to a wall outlet.

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